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Why the Magenta color to identify the whistleblowers?

It was the year 1859, when the Franco-Sardinian and Austrian armies clashed in northern Italy at a place called Magenta. It was a bloody battle with more than 15,000 dead, many of them for neglect on the battlefield. That battle, that of Magenta, inspired the French chemists, who discovered a synthetic dye the color of that blood, and named it Magenta.

>An evolution in pink of the Magenta receives the name of fuchsia, because it is a color that varies from the purple red to the saturated purple. It is a color of great importance that is in the chromatic circles; what makes it fulfill the role of subtractive primary color, and secondary additive, replacing the purple of the traditional model as the intermediate between red and blue, that name and color being in all printers and ink cartridges.

The meaning of magenta color depends on culture and different points of view, but it is usually a spiritual color that has practical allusions associated with help, kindness and compassion, which are the characteristics that define an alert against corruption.

This color is a mixture of red and violet. Its effects are tender and help to remove the excesses of anger and rage. The effect is similar to that of corresponded love. A color that increases the feeling of hope, purity and intuition.

Color healing and emotional, can have the meaning of continuous life on a spiritual plane. This color has a very effective warm quality, where the tones range from purple to the pink color stick. The softer shades are shown to have positive effects on people who are aggressive.