The Magenta meeting points

The meeting points Magenta is the first resource that seeks to guarantee the safety and well-being of those complainants of corruption that may be affected by the irruption in their lives of their position as whistleblowers. They carry out the supervision of their mental and physical health, psychological, legal, economic and technical resources, providing a neutral place of refuge that allows to prevent situations of harassment and violence, guaranteeing that the actual legal compliance and that does not suppose a threatening and avoiding manipulations and conflicts

What do the Magenta Meeting Points also allow?

They allow the detection of certain problems that appear when immersed in social conflict situations. The rejection, the incomprehension, the abandonment, the pain that can not be verbalized in public end up being emotional problems such as sadness and crying, behavior problems, low self-esteem and in more than one case, suicide. In addition, when the conflict is recent, feelings of guilt are observed in most cases. In trying to find out the cause of the fall in that kind of bottomless pit, they often blame themselves, imagining, for example, that it is due to their abnormal behavior. Specific psychological disorders are observed, for example depressive symptomatology, high levels of anxiety, or anxiety disorder. Many of the corruption plaintiffs end up having serious family problems.

The study of each case and the planning of the guidelines to be followed for each reporter of corruption, make possible to improve social relationship and of their personal internal strength. The meeting point intervention  allows a greater normalization of the critical situation in which they live, as well as the elimination of self-incriminating beliefs.

Magenta Meeting points:  a place to share

The moment of inflection and overcoming, is to be able to share the isolation, the one that “only happens to you”. We must allow ourselves to be accompanied by others who understand, recognize and help us to get out of that self-incriminating well. The values ​​must be treated again, that being a complainant of corruption is not a burden or a misfortune, but rather it is the fruit, and good one, of the moral principles that each one has established in themselves, because they will be the only reason and answer.

So, as a general advice, in the situation of a whistleblower it is a priority that the specialist is also called upon to make a diagnosis and help in the way that it deems most convenient. Very few doctors, psychologists, lawyers or journalists know how to treat the whistleblower. It is important to go to the professional prepared for it.

Magenta point: the fight against harassment

It can be classified in two ways: according to the hierarchical position or according to the objective.
Depending on the hierarchical position, the harassment can be the so-called horizontal harassment that this type of harassment is characterized because the harasser and the victim are in the same hierarchical rank. That is, it usually occurs between co-workers, and the repercussions at the psychological level for the victim can be devastating. The causes of this type of work harassment can be many and varied, although the most common are: to force a worker or official to conform and abide by certain rules not written.

Vertical bullying is named this way because  the bully is at a higher level than the victim. It is the harassment on the part of its superior level, because these are the ones that are comfortable with the corruption of the institution and the whistleblower is assumed as a danger and a piece to hunt. They are used to all the technical and legal resources of the institution against the whistleblower, seeking in addition, his/her economic ruin besides the moral one.

It is used so that the harassed person understands that he must “enter the mold”, because if he does not do so, he will be punished and harassed.But with this type of harassment, not only is fear instilled in the victims, but it also warns other colleagues of what could happen to them by acting like this, creating a work environment in which no one dares to contradict the superior.

Magenta Points : there is not an only way

In the same way that sharing is the personal solution for many corruption whistleblowers, sharing is also a solution for technicians defending corruption. Not only mobbing crimes, but also the impersonation of their personalities, against their good name and public image, or violation of their communications, are regularly committed against them. The moral and economic defenselessness to which they are subjected makes them defenseless against these crimes. ICT Experts and lawyers have a lot to offer in this regards.

Magenta Points: Not only for individuals

Many companies are severely damaged in their economy by episodes of corruption. The problems indicated in the previous points, suffering, vexation, are also fattened on them. The fight against corporate bite, revolving doors, rigged and directed tenders are key to the fight against corruption. The Magenta point must also bet on considering the company, the legal person, victim of irregular practices.

The main affected by corruption are small companies and professionals who are unable to access public procurement, which has been left in the hands of “professionals” who later subcontract at ruined prices, and at the same time are those who agree to “surcharges”.

Magenta Points: a security plus

One of the objectives of the magenta point is to give a plus of physical and technological security to those affected who need it, through the contribution of technicians specialized in self-protection, cybersecurity and pre-constitution testing. Communications between whistleblowers, the professionals supporting them, and between Magenta points should be as secure as possible.

In a second phase, the existence of whistleblower protection flats for the most acute cases can give them the necessary security and tranquility.

Magenta Points: an anonymity plus

One of the most used weapons by corruption is precisely the use of judicial procedures twisting in law with judges, who at least despise the corruption complainant, and see him as an enemy. They don’t mind being part of the aggressive behavior against them. Punto Magenta must produce contrasting reports on which parts of the Public Administration are reluctant to transparency and the protection of whistleblowes.