More Security

If you are already a corruption reporter, or you are forced to be, read the following ten tips

First: Get in touch with other corruption whistleblowers, your help will be invaluable. But be prudent and do not get them upset, they go through their own problem.

Second: Do not trust prosecutors, judges, magistrates or police. Reality tells us that they are the first to stop any denunciation of corruption. Some, because in spite of their good faith they are overwhelmed and others because they owe themselves politically to their superiors or to the politicians who directly or indirectly have appointed them.

Third: Do not use a single channel of complaint, and if you can, that one of them is from the EU or away from where corruption is.

Fourth: Lawyers know the laws and can be very helpful; but they are neither your psychologist nor the financer of your situation. He will help you, and a lot, but he also eats. Try to help him as much as possible. This is a not easy specialty,  your lawyer shoul also get in contact with colleagues who are  knowlegdeable.

Fifth: The first reaction as soon as you have denounced, will be the lack of solidarity of many of your colleagues and the incomprehension of your friends. Be prepared for that moment. They are simply more afraid than you.

Sixth: Go to the Magenta points that are being created by the territory; it is very important to share experiences and overcome the feeling of loneliness.

Seventh: Look to secure your communications, using secure mail, a second phone and everything that technology can help you. We have, experts and many people specialized in this area who can help you and also friendly telecommunications companies that will give you that extra security.

Eighth: Being publicly a complainant of corruption involves a strong psychological and moral wear. Work it like elite athletes, with a psychologist from the first moment.

Ninth: Do not trust journalists either; especially those of the great media. Normally their companies are linked to the big corruptors. In the project we have a team of journalists, contrasted with time, who can help you.

Tenth: Explain your situation to the closest family as soon as possible. They can be your great support.